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Kaija, the Barking Terrorist

Kaija's life story started in a very adventurous way. She had a family that returned her to the breeder as, after not being taken out for the vet's advice until she was 4.5 months old, *surprisingly* she had fear in the street. Well, it's a M-U-D-I, they are meant to be reserved and alert.



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scilla 07Scilla, the Princess-Monster

How would you introduce a character that seems to be born to become your companion? One that you wouldn't have expected to meet, to join you with all the best spirit, to bring moments that you would never have dreamt of...?

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Mogyoródhalmi Philip, Professor of Life

The very first dog of my life – very tough character but in the end he gave me the honour of working with me. I was in elementary school when after a loooong time of praying, my Dad bought him for me. All I knew at that time was that I wanted a dog. I promised to do all housework on an everyday basis, take him for walks and take good care of him – so we brought him home.

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TiliTili, the Wonder-Welsh

Tili, the welsh terrier girl started coming to my puppy classes. Her handler, Vera Nagy had a really wonderful sense for dogs so got to higher levels very soon and then went on with agility classes and reached A3 level.

We became great friends and when Vera got married, she asked me if I was interested in running with Tili if she gets pregnant. I got really excited as I really enjoyed Tili’s character (nomen est omen: her name is a nickname for ‘Tilos’ – meaning ‘forbidden’, just perfect for a terrier! ;o) )

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EliotEliot, the Artist of Balls

Eliot, the Parson Russell boy used to come to my puppy classes and as we lived quite close to each other, we regularly went for walks together. We became great friends with his family, Linda and Zsolt, they are extraordinarily warm-hearted and always cheerful people – such a perfect team with a Parson Russell Terrier :o)

Later on, when Linda got pregnant, I took Eliot for agility trainings and some competitions as well but because of health issues we had to stop with that. Eliot still lives

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After I graduated from college, I worked for IBM. There are some jokes about the company abbreviation, one of them is ‘I’ve Been Moved’ – well, this happened to me too, my boss asked me at a Friday lunch row in the canteen what I was doing the following Monday. I told him I had to go to the dentist when he answered: ‘Maybe I have a better plan for you’.

This is how I got to Italy, originally for 6 weeks that ended up in a year and changed my entire life.

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VicVic, the Crazy Cocker Girl

One day when I walked Philip, I got caught by a girl telling me she also had a black cocker and is very happy to see another one in such a great, muscular shape, beautiful dog, perfect body setup, no overweight. It came out that her dog was only some 8 weeks old so when she invited me to see little Vic, I was very interested to meet her.

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