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Handmade Agility Jewellery - Art of Vera Kaszás

The Talisman Story

Vera and I started agility in the beginning of 1998 together, I remember us walking home after training, her Ali, the Tervueren had a very strong drive, my Philip quite a low one and we both were always wondering how to overcome our agility situations. Well, this is how we became friends.

It was back in 2011 that she came up with the idea (and samples) of the Agility Talismans. These are agility equipment and dog shaped pieces of jewellery that she makes. However, as she has 2 little kids, she does not have the chance to go to so many competitions and we agreed that I will help her in presenting these towards the world.

Vera Kaszás New Scilla Talisman Small  

This is how the Agility Talisman has already arrived to a number of different countries from Finland to Italy, France to Turkey. We already received a number of success feedbacks so we hope to have been able to forward even some additional positive energy with them that can even bring luck ;o)


The major idea of the Agility Talisman is to make it unique. So those who order, send a picture of their dogs (or cats or horses, turtles, frogs) and the Talisman is being shaped and painted accordingly.



 Breeds  Frog turtle

The obstacles are also by choice, regarding both shape and color. What we also need is a size of the string you prefer to wear to make sure it’s comfortable for you.

 Shapes         Flag A-FrameTunnel  Aframe with dogs 


Vera also started making magnetic course designers, for which you can decide how many pieces of which kind of obstacles and what colors you wish to have.

Magnetic Course Designer

As we tend to say, the Talismans are training- and competition-resistant so you can wear them freely.

See further pictures at and feel free to contact me if you are interested!