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Dear Friend,


I could start writing about how I got my first dog begging to my parents to get one or how I started agility after obedience classes with having an only Cocker amongst Belgian Shepherd dogs and Rottweilers around or anything like that. But those are only facts… and I usually get pretty bored of facts when it comes to reading one’s story. I am usually much more interested in the spirit behind all that so this is what I will try to share this time with you.


Maybe all this interest for soul comes from my Grandma ‘Mami’ who lived with our family when I was little and kept telling me stories of her life, making it all cheerful and very positive, as if it was a fairy tale, whilst it was full of very difficult situations. I think she is my major icon, I wish to have at least a little piece of her attitude towards life. She was passionate for family – and of course everybody felt that, all my cousins loved her and dropped by whenever they could which I always really enjoyed. We always had fun (and granny’s cookies!) around.


nagyapaShe kept telling stories about my Grandfather, ‘Bíró Nagyapa’ who used to be a famous cavalryman (so called ‘Huszár’), teacher in the most famous horse school in Hungary and even a member of the Olympic Team in Horse Dressage. His commitment towards horses, submission for positive handling and perfectionism in sports always amazed me – and amazes even present horse riders as his book on horse training is still quite popular amongst them.


Zsó lóI also went horse-riding myself when I was little but when I was 9 and tried to get in more serious contact with the sports at the famous ‘Tatterzál’ where my Grandfather also used to teach, they told me I was too small and I should get back in 2 years… well, I have to admit that I am more strong-minded than that, this was not the time I could afford and probably I got even a little bit offended, so I never went back there, except for later times for agility.


I really believe that spirits are being passed on amongst generations, and somehow I believe that my devotion for dogs and agility derives from Bíró Nagyapa. I never knew him, I only heard stories about him but the more I hear and read of him, the more parallel I find his personality with mine.


And this is how we arrived to my key word: PASSION! This is what drives me in everyday life. This is what I love in a dog or a human, this is what I sometimes miss from people.


I only realized it after I left my school, Fazekas, that passion was what kept us together there. It is said to be the strongest school in Hungary, it is set up of a kindergarten, elementary and high school, so I had mates that I met at the age of 3 and that I shared my life with until I got 19. Those who never went to Fazekas sometimes jest it to be a racing stable but we never felt it to be one. We had teachers that were passionate at their jobs, we had kids around that were always passionate at either a theory or a proof or an ideology. I think each one of us found their ways of self-expression but in different ways. Doing Math proofs day and night, reading mythology 24 hours a day, going to sports trainings at 6 in the morning and right after school for another 4 hours is not because any of us was forced to do that. When you are passionate about something, you do not even realize how much time passes by, you just keep doing it.


I have Olympic sportsmen, brain surgeons, architects, cake artists, jazz singers, English teachers etc amongst my ex-class and schoolmates – all kinds of professions but all absolutely passionate! Yes, by the way, more of us went to contests of their own field and reached very high levels. But it was not because anybody pushed us, I think it was all based on devotion.


To be honest, I even got a bit disillusioned when I left Fazekas and in college I met people that were not devoted for what they did there. I could never understand why they went on with studies if they were not interested in going to most of the classes. Ok, one cannot be fully interested in everything, I got really bored at chemistry classes at high school and maybe would have preferred to study other than microeconomy but some people only showed up at exams – so why doing that??? Why was a piece of graduation paper so important if you never ever even get close to what it is about???


This idea made me start thinking on the drivers of life. I read books on passion, theories on how it is set up, writers that try to lead people towards success. I am not sure it is too good to give an exact advice on what to think and how to do that.


What I see as a ‘rule’ is that passion is energy and being maybe even somewhat crazy makes the world move on. On the other hand, sometimes, when we get too much obsessed about something and can’t overcome a situation, it can be pretty helpful to just step back, take a little breath and see what is around us as a whole. Then we can realize things that we may just run by in everyday life.


Many times I just like to watch or close my eyes and listen to ‘the sounds of the world’ and how people act in different situations. I sometimes just look on the flow of people, it can be pretty interesting to just stop and take a look around. Maybe we also realize some of our own qualities in others that can wake us up and lead us to our own successes – whatever we are interested in.


Emotion. That is my other key word! I don’t really care what one calls the subject of his passion but I am absolutely sure everybody is good at something and can become the most happy person in the world when finding it. Obviously high ups are led by very low downs – just to keep balance – but this is something we can overcome easier if we see the whole and believe in better times – and even unexpected dreams come true!


Not so long ago I met a video that kind of concluded all my thoughts and I think can also catch even the attention of those who may not start meditating. I agree with all of its points and feel like it fully expresses what my drivers in life are. This is Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle video.


Dear Friend, if you are interested and give yourself 2-3 minutes to ‘stop by’ my world and check out what I am driven by, why not watching this video? I will be happy if it just gives you a very little hint for whatever you are seeking for. My personal favorite sentence and motivator is: Live your dream and share your passion!