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Scilla 6th place at the World Champs - a special event that both dogs&handlers get pumped up by  

A very special event after a year's break due to the South-African location, where top level competitors meet.

2 years have passed and my life changed a lot since. Many seminars all over the globe, a lot of competitions, many of those have improved to almost AWC level - but this event is never comparable to any other.

Unfortunately one of our team members, Gory was not able to run due to health issues, but a  wonderful reserve has taken his place. So Kleo and Scilla had 2 AWC-novice teammates this time: shelties Panna and Cinke. 
We had good preparation with a lot of competitions beforehands and a good rest with only a little training and a regular mental training in the last 2 weeks.

I was a bit disillusioned though due to our 1st run (Teams Jumping), in fact I never had a mistake at AWC-s before, so this refusal in an easy situation did not really do good to my mood, I had to get pumped again. It was a bit easier to deal with this, as my mistake wasn't the only one in the team, so it didn't really make any difference from the results' point of view. But definitely this is something for me consider, I lately start competitions with some kind of a fault and then get the real flow.

And so we did! From this point on, all the other 3 runs resulted clean!!!! Teams Agility brought The Real Flow, that was probably also the most tricky  course during the weekend - and I love challenges! I also loved Individual Jumping with that funny slalom entry, these situations bring me the spirit for giving it all!

Little Scilla was in perfect condition, I love to see how much she enjoys the atmosphere, the crowd, the sounds. Amazing how harmony works amongst us - when something is missing from one, the other can surely complement it and we become perfect together! Probably this is what Team Spirit is about! When one is down, the other will just pull him up, and the flow of energies bring the rest - including results.

Results that I think our supporters are more excited about than I am. 6th place sounds really cool but I rather wished to reach with perfect runs - and this time our individual agility had some moments that should've been more punctuate from my side. Anyway, I'll keep training to make sure next year I can support Scilla with my very best performance! ;o)

Amazing to look back how we reached all this: I am really thankful for my physiotherapist: Márti Sarkadi who made me get well after the evil sheep broke my ligament back in December: without Márti I would've not been able to run qualis. Then of course my always helpful external eye: Erika Szoboszlay who helps us getting prepared at her trainings and is always there at AWC-s to talk every little detail through. 

I would also like to thank my Mental Trainer, Sándor Nagy, who is a REAL PRO, our preparations are just inevitable for being so constant with clean runs.

See you all next year in Italy! 


Scilla got qualified for the EO and the World Champs again 

Exciting months before qualis but WE DID IT!!! Extremely speedy recovery from a torn ligament, harmony in runs and Scilla was the best of S&M dogs again: reaching the right to run both in Teams and Individual at the biggest events of the year!!!

EO will be very special in 2014 as it is organized by Hungary - so apart from not having to travel far (which actually we always enjoy), a high number of our country's maniacs can run and can come to cheer! The atmosphere will definitely rock!!!!

And the WorldChamps - after a year of almost all Europe starving for this event, we will be back, with very nice teammates again - hope we can continue the results of 2012 or even reach higher!!!! Can't wait!!!

Our quali weekends&runs:


Trainings restarted - alias: my 2nd renessaince in agility  


13th of February. It was 6 weeks ago that a sheep ran into my knee. I could say very bad words for this sheep but I prefer taking what happened as an opportunity to see all from a different aspect again. Why not? Many sportsmen get injured, even in more serious ways and if they are strong&passionate enoguh, they do recover. So why couldn't I? I had many, even very deep thoughts passing by my head about this but not to bore you, dear Reader with all that: let me just emphasize a chance for focusing on the creativity of my dogs, a chance to realize again how lovely friends I have and a chance to even see this aspect of sport: learning how to re-start from first walking steps to a well- functioning system (which I'm actually still very far from).

So please accept our first agility video with Scilla who does remember it all, who although suffered sometimes for being over-energetic but was still patient enough to accept and be my mate in learning it all again:

...and that of Kaija, shot at the Köves-bérci Betyár meeting. She's been doing foundation basically since she was with me, hardly any agility - but yesss, it is being proved again: good foundation works perfectly when you go on course. The dog will understand your body language, no matter if it was taught outside of the agility course.


How to survive when you're physically unable to keep your dogs busy 

1 month has passed and of course no other activity is comparable to agility, so little Scilla, the always energetic terrier lady is the one who rather has problems staying calm. We do tricks, she runs in the park, but she doesn't really get tired by that. 

For Kaija it's easier as she is not used to ANYTHING happening around, so whatever we do is more than usual for her. She is getting much better in different environments, she's not distracted any more if a dog walks by: not meaning that she would not bark but she is able to keep her concentration on me and not run off right away. Of course, if I don't pay enough attention and she sees the other dog first, she goes ;o)

So here's our January 2014 video, we wish everyone a happy new year with this:



Shall 2014 Start with Online Coaching  

Well, I just took Kaija herding... She did get the feeling... and out of the blue, one of the sheep bumped into my left knee... Running to the doctor, getting a plaster on happened so fast - but this also meant having to cancel almost all agility-related activities of mine, at least for a month. I hope only for a month...




I was really sorry to cancel agility competitions and some trainings - but I will hold the smaller ones as students were interested in holding them even if I just sit on a chair in the middle of the ring...

So this is why in some cases we decided to also go on with

video analyzation and giving advices 

which already made people happy before.  It's simple: we discuss what to work on, then you get homeworks and take videos to receive my comments. We can work on obstacle/sequence related agility activities, or just foundation/physical training away from the course. It is all personalized, so fits perfectly your equipment (even if none), your available free time and current needs.

I will also go on with our tricks, as Kaija needs to learn a lot of socialization, concentration and body awareness - and of course Scilla is always willing to learn new stuff. I'm more than thankful for my Mom, Nora Perge and Anett Horvath for being there for us and taking me and my doggies out to the park (for which we need to drive) or just have a simple walk....

I will keep posting videos, hope you will all like them :o)

In the meantime, obviously I'm happy to  

fill up my calendar with further seminars - I love visiting around, and it always warms up my heart to share my agility. 

So far, we have 2014 plans for the Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Slovakia - and of course Hungary. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 



Year-end update 2013

 I know, I am very much behind with writing but since April it has been the most moving, active, happy&sad half-a-year of my entire life. Some effects I would never ever wish to my enemies but I'm very lucky to have received a lot of compensation to what happened. I pretty much re-valuated human relationships, I understood who real friends are, what real important points in life are, and some proverbs got a real deep meaning now. I was always told to be bright which I never understood why people were saying, my approach to different moments are just natural for me. However, living these months rather seemed like pieces of a movie, things that are more than enough even one by one - but in my case were gathered, meaning a really overwhelming time.

I would've never imagined to have as much strength. Critical moments bring us extra energies - so

'Challenging but not impossible' 

will stay my motto even more importantly than before!

Just to quickly run through the negative effects: my Dad's diabetes got to a final stage after 70 years, he ended up in hospital and spent 3 months there, being unable to move more than one arm. It's heartbreaking when roles in life exchange: the person who used to show you the world and give all advices is unable to take a sip of water alone, you basically wish to be there 24 hrs a day - but you have a job, you have your dogs, your flat to keep tidy etc.... You are happy to spend every single moment together. You would ask millions of questions but you're not sure it would help or make things worse. You try to get ready for the worst moment... that can actually be the salvation, even though deep in your heart you would wish it had never happened...


This is how we had to say goodbye at the end of June... 

My Dad was always in perfect harmony with Philip. He was the one whom I secretly got Philip from, he started secretly giving apples to him, saving up the last bite of every meal (feeding from the table - grrr!), taking him back from Bea, the dogsitter when I was working abroad - and also growing old together. 


So no doubt this harmony resulted in them turning their backs to life together. When my Dad got to hospital, my Professor Philip (aged over 16 by then) has suddenly started crawling. He already had a tumour in his mouth a month before but was successfully operated, so we didn't expect anything. However, whilst we were in Brazil with Scilla, he suddenly grew another tumour in his throat and started falling. Just as my Dad, he waited for us to return - but in his case we had the possibility to help him stay majestic and let him fall asleep in piece. It feels guilty to bring a dog to a vet - he trusts you, he goes there because you go... 

...but he will never walk out again. 

In the meantime, I also had to say goodbye to another important chapter/character of my life: The Bank I was working for. A place that many of us were tenderly taking care of from the very first moment (when it had settled in Hungary), a place that many of us gave all our energies for. This was my second company where I worked as a Project Manager, having to construct the chain of branches, work on its marketing and also some internal IT projects. Timing was a bit unfortunate - the world crisis brought us down just in the rising period - so from then on, the Bank just tried to survive in Hungary. So, after 6 years, the parent-company was able to leave the Hungarian market, by a sell-out act. This is how, at my very last working day there, instead of handing all over to someone, I had to work on packing the office up and have it transferred to another headquarter - where I did not go on to. People usually spend their last workday chatting with colleagues - I was there until 11PM working on the relocation of the HQ. AM I CRAZY???? No... probably not... just felt responsible for all that we created... RIP BPH...

BPH pakk

Last but not least - probably not even worth mentioning, all my most important stuff was stolen from my car when coming back from a competition. These may only be considered objects, that are replaceable, even if they were worth like 1000EUR with a 500EUR damage on my car - but most importantly I had the very last videos of Philip there, which I'll never be able to re-record any more...


Yeah... I did go to competitions in the meantime and I also held seminars. If agility and my friends were not there, I would've definitely gone crazy. 


I was really lucky that already in the beginning of the year (before all this happened), I got invited to the Parson Weekend held in May at the OneMindDogs Center. Amazing 2 days with wonderful friends and Jakko&Janita's trainings. 

Finland has become one of my favourite places by then! Natural beauty and special, really warm-hearted people! Far-away friends but never forgot to ask how I was doing, always listened to all my fears and doubts when having so, it meant really a LOT to me! We've been planning a trip to Lapland for over a year, since my first seminar in Lappeenranta, but because of all the above situation, I thought I would not be able to go.

And this is when my dear friend: Anne Lind decided not to let it be cancelled! She didn't allow me to say no, didn't accept any excuses and organized it all. There's no expression for how thankful I am to her for this!!!


During that week we spent together, she has absolutely torn me out of all the difficulties, I felt free, while visiting Lapland-Wonderland, staying with wonderful friends: Kati&Teemu Kollanen, Titi&Jerkko Makela - spending 3 whole days at a competition with them and


Ohh, myyyy God!!!! I used to write letters to Lapland to Santa when I was little, he used to answer - but it was always only a dream to meet him! ...and he was even happy to meet Scilla, so both of us had pictures and videos taken with him.


I accidentally happened to make a new wonderful friend: Kati  who works in Santa's Hotel in the summer and has 4 (better to say: already 5) sledgedogs!!!! We've been writing even paper-based letters since June and I can't wait to see her again next summer!


We also visited another great friend of mine: Seppo Savikko who taught me a lot about agility-athletics! Very interesting training, mainly without the dog, to make my own movements more healthy and joint-friendly! Wow!


...and last but not least: Scilla&I became Finnish Agility and Jumping Champions in Lapland, not to mention being the best of all competitors: winning a 5-day-stay at Santa's Hotel!!! Wooow!!!! So now we have an extra reason to go back - and maybe I can somewhat also thank Anne all she has done for me!

So... I probably really needed to be kicked in the ass (sorry... but true) to

sail away from the safe harbour and have the courage to face something completely different! 

 This is how, when leaving the Bank, I finally confirmed all seminar invitations that were on the waiting list before. I had the time to go and it was a wonderful pleasure to visit agility fans in Turkey, Slovakia, Germany, Brazil - and of course in Hungary too.

I'm very proud on the Turkish Agility Fans that have already formed a real T-E-A-M! They are practicing on a regular basis, they have a whole set of obstacles, they help each other and are willing to improve on a daily basis!

I was also very happy to meet German Agility Friends and spend almost 3 weeks together! Wow, a lot of very speedy  Parsons and real willing other breeds, so we could work on little details, including Running Contact trainings ;o)

Slovak Agility Friends: I'm always happy to meet, we did a 4-day-long weekend. Scilla is from their country, so we always feel like going home there :o) 

And Brazil Agility : wow, I never would've expected to go back this year, I was really surprised for the invitation and was extremely happy to meet the crazy South-American friends! :o))) We had seminars both in Rio and Sao Paolo, with very enthusiastic participants, so I really hope we meet one day again! :o)

Aaaaand, regarding competitions:  

Scilla did A LOT these months. I should already start doing statistics, but I always forget. Anyway, she mostly did clean, winning a lot of medals throughout the countries we visited. The most important ones were probably our:

6th place at the European Open Grand Finals

...where, for the first time of my life I travelled separately from Scilla (well, I already bought the plane ticket when I still had a job and had to count holidays - of which I used to have 23 per year). It was really terrible but probably rather for me, as she was taken very good care of, by Eszter Both and Zoli Krizsán. The weather was most of the time hot and very humid with heavy rains - not so easy for competing but Scilla did extremely good. It was basically the World Championship this year because of South-Africa, so such results in the Grand Finals are more than satisfactory for us!

3rd place at the Norwegian Open Grand Finals

...where our presence at all I can only thank to perfect hosts Jan Egil Eide and Jenni Lehtinen. It was a real fun and very international weekend with top agility handlers from Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and I think all Nordic countries. Competition circumstances were brilliant: some of my favourite judges, perfect artificial grass and obstacles, nice walking areas and helpful staff. Hope this one is being organized in 2014 too, and we'll have a chance to participate again! :o)

As a final great surprise of 2013: a mudi lady, Kaija joined our family.  I will write longer about her in the 'Agility Mates' folder.

To be continued...




Brazil&Argentina Adventure (5-19 April 2013.)

Rio at night

 Life brings funny coincidences... I used to have an Italian colleague, waaaay far from the doggie world with whom we worked together on a project in the good old days. Obviously, when you work with someone from the early morning until the late evening, you don't only talk about strict business, but you get to know each other a bit. This is how I used to entertain him with stories from the agility world, handling dogs, everyday life with such a companion.

It has been years that we only talked 2-3 words every now and then, so when he wrote me some months ago asking if I could guess where in the world he was and what he was doing, I was not really surprised - however, when he answered staying in Rio and having watched agility videos and listened to stories all night long at a friend's house when being invited to dinner, I can say he did amaze me!

4 Well, this is how I got in contact with Antonella, being 'the friend of a friend of a friend', who also has a lovely parson amongst BCs and a papillon. We started writing e-mails and felt like we had always known each other. She came up with the idea of visiting them, having trainings together, which just added up to my dear friend, Leti Bot's invitation from a year before for the XIII Campeonato de Agility FCI Américas y el Caribe, that was actually organized by her country, Argentina.

Life is not always as straightforward as it seems so it's been only at the very last moment that I was really sure Scilla and I would travel. I am very thankful for TAP Portugal Airlines that also had an important role in our trip, sponsoring us with the flight to Rio.


The day has come, I was really excited as Scilla has never flown so long before but as the flight was scheduled for the night time and we already had experience for travelling by plane, I was not worried at all. In fact, it is really easy for such tiny dogs to travel, as they can stay on board. This is how, she both ways had the chance to pee and wonder around at the airport a bit when changing flights in Lisbon, which definitely strengthened her comfort zone.

3Now, after having flown so many times with her and even longer distances, I rather think it is people’s fear about how the dogs can cope with this means of transport. Most people in Europe don’t ever try flying and prefer driving even very long distances. Scilla also has experience with 3-4-hour-flights in the cargo and I have to admit, that they were all absolutely comfortable for her too. I think it was always rather me that started overthinking whether she was really on the plane, what could be going on with her or anything like that. The crew was always absolutely informed about what was going on, that she was there, I even saw someone taking pictures of her when loading her box on the plane. When we met, she was always happy – and ready for some treats ;o) Arriving to Rio on a Saturday morning, we went directly to Sao Paolo for a 2-day-trial.

IMG 0054I started collecting differences between Latin-America and other corners of the world right away, as in the very first mo’ I saw a different way of standing in line in the restroom: separate one for each door. Wow, ladies, watch out, the luck factor is pretty strong here ;o) Later, during the 2 weeks I noticed many others, like having a whooooole kitchen outside in the yard, which I absolutely envy, one day I will definitely have such!!! (…well, winter there is 15 degrees in the worst case), or different size of printing paper (our standard is A4, but in Argentina I got a longer sheet which was considered as normal there) etc. Lovely, lovely little things of life which are just average there but caught my eye right away.

The 30 degrees and strong sun after a prolonged Hungarian winter was just amazing. I think I was still flying of excitement at the first run in SP, so we actually got disqualified – but this suddenly ‘made me land’, and from that time on we only did clean runs, even winning our first gold medals from Latin-America!


Scilla Sao Paolo Winner 2013Apr


7The event was held in the parking lot of a ‘shopping’ (this is how they call the mall in Brazil), so there were many spectators and the organization was also excellent, with great atmosphere. Speaker Ana dressed as a dog and cheered for every runner, Brazilian judges set exciting courses, result lists were printed quickly, livestream guaranteed by JumpAgility. The evenings in SP were also fun, Antonella and I were hosted by Lé, we had cheerful dinners with also other friends from Sao Paolo so yeah, I could definitely say we had wonderful company right away, even though I didn’t know anybody before.

On Monday I held a training at Marcela&Zé’s club, wooow, such a nice place with a beautiful garden and an agility field. By the end of the day, everybody did all blind crosses – even if originally said they would not get there – little tricks can make you even faster ;o)

8Heading back to Rio right after the training, we were flying again with Scilla, this time to Buenos Aires. Mythical city, I always wanted to visit because of the Evita legend and the Tango Bars. My dear Leti was picking us up at the airport and made us meet the most lovely host of Argentina: Maria. On Wednesday we spent the whole day visiting the city. What a joyful time in the city of empanadas, graffities - and traffic! ;o)




circusI already missed the Sao Paolo mates a lot but the following day we met at the A&C training and even had dinner together. We were like a biiiig family, a lot of laughs, jokes, the circus car – and a fun night out: ‘Perché prima mangiare... …e dopo filosofare!’

(Related surprise from Zé that I just found on my camcorder after one of my runs, hihihihi: 


9The A&C competition was really enjoyable – with quite ‘Latin organization’ (2 hours’ delay with the opening ceremony, running sizes being mixed compared to plans etc). For my luck, seems like livestreaming is a big fashion in Latin-America, so I could even share these moments with friends&family back home. I think apart from a Finnish competitor, Scilla&I were the only ones from Europe. It was a real honour to have received a biiig flag and that at the opening ceremony, our National Anthems were also played, just as other countries’ with bigger delegations.

10As per the runs, the beginning went well, on Friday our International Team Rocked, winning the Teams Jumping. Then, Scilla won the Individual Jumping, even with me falling at the end. It pretty much reminded me of my friend, Betti some years ago with PointerSpuri at the WorldChamps, wooow! Now I know how it feels: you don’t even realize what happens to you, just try to reach your aim for a clean run, being still in perfect harmony with your dog, even if something physically happens ;o) And then, when you come off the ring, you don’t even understand why people keep asking if you are doing all right, of course you are, having just had a wonder-time with your dog! ;o) It is also worth the feeling, Scilla won this Individual Open Jumping by 0.05sec ;o)


Our Saturday Individual Open Agility Run was also a real success – with a refusal though which nobody could ever explain to me. I tried to catch the judge later, just for my own understanding, but he was always gone right after the runs.


That was a real pity, I can understand he was tired as he was the only one judging throughout the 3 days but still, I think it’s a nice gesture when judges get more in contact with competitors. Scilla really enjoyed the environment, I think the sandy ground was just excellent for her, just as the cool weather and the cheerful atmosphere. She always starts barking before the runs when she enjoys the crowd – and this was the case again.

11I can’t be thankful enough for Samy&Felipe&Renan for always being there at our start and finish lines!!! Yeah, they became the Hungarian Teamleaders without even being asked – or did we become part of the Brazil Team? I don’t even know… somewhere in between, I guess ;o) …but anyway, they were perfectly helping us, with full care but never being too pushy when they saw it was not necessary.

The other runs... some were clear, some were winner but I rather spent trying to get concentrated than really being able to live the moment, as unfortunately in the meantime I got very bad news from my family back home. I was even considering breaking my trip and going back to Hungary but as my presence there wouldn’t have helped at all, I decided to stay.

Team Agility

SA&C Individual Agility

Grand Jumping

The courses… they were ok, but rather for S&M dogs, I am normally used to wider ones for Large. I don’t think some were really comfortable for the dogs and we even saw some rather strange takeoffs.

I was very happy to see all kinds of handling though that we also use in Europe. In some situations my views on handling were different from what I generally saw (what technique to use where), so it would’ve been nice to just suddenly extend my stay and share my ideas. But who knows, this dream may even come true ;o)

12The last night we spent out at a pub with friends from all diverse countries. It was rather sentimental to me, somehow we were all connected by the past couple of days and were just happy to spend another evening together. Thanks to all of you, it was a perfect closure of the SA&C trip ;o)

13…but not the end of our stay! Going back to Rio, there were still some trainings ahead. In the mornings I finally didn’t have to wake up for an alarm clock (YESSS!!!!), had a perfect cappuccino and during the days I finally had a little time to visit the city, enjoy the sunshine, to take the doggies out for wonder-walks by the beaches. In the evenings, we went to Antonella’s training place and I met some new agility friends ;o) I really enjoy working on little details, making handlers catch the real flow and just enjoy the harmony with their dogs when running - and this is what we this time had a chance for. I think it was pretty useful to find the perfect positioning even for front crosses, blind crosses, ketchkers and connecting them, talking about my ways to plan handling throughout a whole course. We also talked over some tricks to do during walks that mean agility foundations and solved doggie behavioural issues too ;o)

So again… thank you all for the lovely memories, joyful moments and fun. There were some friends I couldn’t even say a proper goodbye to, but maybe because it wasn’t even supposed to be that way. Scilla&I definitely hope to meet all of you, to live the dream – and share our passion, again JJ 


October 2012 - April 2013

A bit of updates since October 2012, wooow, it has been really busy lately! We didn’t do any bigger pause in agility after the World Champs either. I know many people do, there were also years I did but this time I felt Scilla being so energetic that decided to just go on with training and events.

It was soooo light, pure fun together, enjoying the harmony and the exciting courses of even judges we hardly met before. Yeah, I picked events mostly by judges, seeking for new challenges that maybe give us hints on what to train on – either from new judges or the ones I knew and found creative enough to set exciting sequences for us.   

Scilla’s success story is pretty much ongoing, the Hungarian Wintercup Series started already in November. One of the rounds was organized on a workday, and as I had no more vacation for the year, we had to skip that. However, it still didn’t keep the little girl back from winning the series by… I don’t even know, but quite many points.

Hungarian Wintercup Series, Round I. - 2012.11.18.;v=aYrJPZn5_fU&feature=player_detailpage;list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw

Hungarian Wintercup Series, Round III. - 2013.01.20:;feature=player_detailpage&list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw

Hungarian Wintercup Series, Round IV. - 2013.02.24

Thanks to the organizers, we also had the chance to meet new judges, and find even new friends amongst them. The brightest one I think was Seppo Savikko, whom I also guided around Budapest the day before the competition. I really don’t understand why many people around the world have superstitions for Finnish people being cold and non-communicative (okkaayyyy, Kimi Raikönen’s interviews are always different from a Felipe Massa one, but still…), my personal experience is totally different from that!

Scilla Tulbing Series 2012-2013 WinnerIn the meantime, thanks to my good friends, Nóra Perge and the Zorgel Family, we also ended up at the Tulbing Wintercup Series that had 2 rounds in a hall with carpet. In fact it was supposed to be an experimental series for Scilla running on carpet but ended up pretty well, she also won this series too.

Tulbing, Round I. - 2012.12.30;list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw&v=E6X6-mTGwc0;list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw

Tulbing, Round II. - 2013.03.03;v=4TTy9zL0e3k&feature=player_detailpage;v=FmpfU3ezOMU&list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw

The third wintercup series we did was in Tordas, but we only attended 2 of the 4 rounds so we kind of just ’dropped in’ when I had some time. In Hungary it is rather difficult to be subscribed for an event, especially in the cold season as many don’t even have a chance to train so want to do it at such events – and there is always a limit of participants. As I am rather an intuitive person than a planning one, I decided pretty late about joining these, so we were really lucky that we could go even from almost the end of the waiting list each time. I just couldn’t say no to the judges invited (Jan Egil Eide and Gabi Steppan) – and even with 50% of partecipation, Scilla finished I think 2nd or 3rd in the overall ranking.

Tordas, Round III. - 2013.01.12:;v=_W1WuAsIzl4&list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw;list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw&v=bRcGU9Wi7GU

Tordas, Round IV. - 2013.02.10:;list=UU2icF6G6NUPT0TDEPmvv7Cw&v=m_iL9ZU3ptg

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, in the beginning of the year (2nd of January) one of the channels of the Hungarian Radio, Petőfi Radio has invited us for an interview. It was a really interesting situation, intrudocing agility and our carreer only by words, leaving it all on the audience’s fantasy. Whoever interested, may listen to it (it’s in Hungarian though), I already have the track so just have to upload it to the Media Appearances menu.

The Qualifications for the EO and the World Championships only took one weekend in Hungary this year. We started with an elimination but then had wonderful, clean runs with Scilla so ended up winning amongst all Small and Medium dogs! I am really proud for this, as being the best of all within quali circumstances is something I just didn't expect to happen!

From this year, we also have a new rule: the 1-4th place dogs must be in a team together at the EO, so it is clear that we will form a team with Sheltie Cinke&Judit, Poodle Eppie&Ági and CroShep Eta&Zsu in Belgium. Pretty nice team, I think ;o) As per the WorldChamps, I still haven't decided on, but I think we will need to start and get informed about flight opportunities and all to see if we can go.

Unfortunately I don't have all runs taped but here are some, for your kind interest ;o) :

Regarding my trainings: they have restarted in Hungary again. I just LOVE working together with enthusiastic handlers and doggies, and as our club, Kraft has moved to its wonderful new hall covered with sand in Tárnok, I also started having some dates there. They are not regular as I am pretty busy travelling and competing but I am happy to do these that fit my schedule :o)

Besides, we also spent a wonderful weekend in March in Istanbul, this time organized by Digdem. I really keep my fingers crossed for her team to stay together and bring a real boom to the agility life of Turkey. Talented dogs and handlers they already have – hope the spirit also stays as it was when I met them and they will improve very-very fast J J J

The next 2 stations were supposed to be Miskolc and Kosice, Slovakia, however after almost 2 very nice, spring weeks, winter suddenly returned and we had a metre of snow falling within 2 days – so the dates had to be postponed.

The following week was already time to head off towards Brazil&Argentina but that is like a fairy tale to be separately told. ;o) 


Scilla - National Champion both in Individual and Teams 2012!!!!

Kraft National Champ Team 2012Without the Kraft Team around, I probably would have not even registered for the National Champs this year, as we’ve been competing almost every weekend since August and this was the first 4-day-weekend off that I preferred spending with anything else that I just sweeped away to be able to concentrate on the World Champs.

But well, team spirit is just stronger, so we ended up getting up early on a Sunday morning, to go to a nearby town and try to cope with Mia’s courses. Mia used to be one of my favorite judges from old times, with special memories as Philip won the Best Spaniel title on her courses. Followed by some years off, we met this summer in Switzerland again, and to be honest, I had other favorite judges then. So I was rather curious how this National Champs would go. But having seen her Jumping in the morning, I was very-very pleased for the challenging line, really set up for Small dogs – and the Agility round was also built with that attitude.

Scilla National Champion 2012We fulfilled 2 clean runs. Gory and Ági Tóth were quicker by some 0.12sec in Jumping ( but no dogs could fight with Scilla’s time in Agility ( so we won the overall as well. A funny coincidence, 2 years ago Scilla won, but last year we had a little mistake in the Agility round, becoming 3rd in overall - and this year Gory did the same scenario. Wondering how next year will go…


Regarding Teams, we had one change compared to that of last year. Instead of Tücsök and Gabi Lakatos who has become a globetrotter lately so couldn’t even come to the competition, little Kelsi and Vivi Tóth has joined our gang (Kleo&Kati Farkas, Mamusz&Viki Ács, Scilla&Zsofi), adding a wonderful clean Agility to the Kraft Small Team’s success! Meaning that after the team gold of 2011, we reached the top of the Podium again in 2012!!!! Very-very proud of the Kraft Small Team!!!! Yippieyeeeeyyyyy!!!!




Agility World Championships was a great success, it was the first time ever the National Anthem of Hungary has been played in this event!!!! Aaaaaand: it was played for the Small Team of Hungary!!!!


Jukka Patynen Scilla up

Very proud of little Scilla and all our teammates: Cikk-Cakk with Rita Vincze-Papp, Gory with Ági Tóth and Kleo with Kati Farkas!!!!!

This weekend really ended as the Time of Our Lives!!!! The most frequently asked questions were: ’What is the course like?’ and ’How does it feel to stay on podium?’

Hungarian Team on Podium JS1 FCI AWC 2012

For the first one I usually answered ’enjoyable’ – but what else could it be? Being there at the World Champs, amongst the very best competitors of all nations, with all supporters around in a perfectly organized event with a brilliant carpet and high quality obstacles, it can only be enjoyable!!! I actually expected much more difficult courses but remembering some chats with Kees in the summertime I got an answer right away.

Jukka Patynen pure happinessAs per the podium question, in fact that is not the big moment, the full joy comes first of all when fulfilling a clean run, I can be soooo happy for that any time but especially at the World Champs!!! And having a chance to share that with such brilliant teammates as we had is just an extraordinary experience! We all agreed that this was the very best setup of the team possible, we somehow happen to be so much on the same spiritual side, not only regarding agility but also our approach towards life and aims are very-very similar – so all we needed was living the moment! :o)


To stay on the personal side, Scilla senses the atmosphere of such events right away, with an even more winded attitude. For that reason what she needs from me is calmness to be able to concentrate. This is how I think all the ‘pure happiness’ – as photographer Jukka Pattynen called it – can blow out at the moment of fulfilling a clean run, when the joy can break out free :o)

Scilla cik WattsPhotographyThe reason why I wanted to run first in the team was to have a chance to see my mates running. I loved keeping fingers crossed for them. Their success brought even more joy. And then: seeing Hungary being placed 1st gives even more emotions, something we didn’t even expect. I usually don’t see others’ runs before ours, so I had absolutely no idea what our runs were enough for, that was exactly the ‘one moment in life when we were more than we thought we could be’. :o)))

So… of course, standing on podium is also great, hearing the National Anthemn of Hungary and the flag being raised, it’s like what you sometimes just watch on TV since your childhood from other sportsmen and then you become part of it :o)))) This was the 4th time of our lives that it happened (after Dog Olympic Games Teams 2010, Amadeus World Cup Individual 2011, Dog Olympic Games Individual 2012) – but it still brought goosebumps.

Scilla Jumps Jukka PatynenRegarding our individual runs, we were very lucky in Jumping, Scilla was over-excited when hearing the crowd so her start line was I think worse than ever. :o)))) In fact, I was even happy for it, from one side I loved the situation. Seeing her being so cheerful, I knew she would give her very best. I really enjoy her company when she gets out of mind, then I know she really has fun.

From the other side I had the thought of the 15seconds’ rule in my mind, meaning I couldn’t really start fixing behavior then. In fact, it wasn’t really consistent how the judges were blowing the whistle, whether the blocking person was still standing there at the first jump or it all started after him stepping away. So our start was a bit chaotic, Scilla almost fell over the second jump. She only got her own speed back after the slalom, which actually resulted in a big loss of time. But anyway, I was happy that she was doing all right and able to fulfill the run CLEEEAN!!! Jukka Patynen Scilla capIn agility, she did pretty well again, becoming the only dog from Hungary this year who fulfilled 4 clean runs :o)))

A special thank you to Erika Szoboszlay who helped our preparation all the way to the WorldChamps, Vera Nagy (my beloved Tili’s owner) who supported us all the way these days and all the friends around that kept fingers crossed for us even from Finland, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Estonia and who knows where :o)))) Last but not least a big thanks for photographers Jukka Pattynen and Agility Gallery for the nice shots that can bring the atmosphere of these days back any time we take a look at them :o)

Teams Jumping, The Winner Run;feature=player_embedded&v=rFH_4e51Ojg

Moments of Happiness:;v=5R8n8W3ZRS4

Teams Agility:;feature=plcp

Scilla Individual Agility:;v=h1kE69Aj7lQ


Agility Individual Olympic Champion: Crispy Cookie Cassovia Sunshine 'Scilla'


Scilla Campionessa Olimpica DOG2012

After 2 difficult days that turned out to be a result of Scilla swallowing half of a walnut cover (!!!), we left to Lignano Sabbiadoro (ITA) for the Dog Olympic Games. Followed by 3 days of Qualis we had the chance to run all Finals (Teams, Individual, Tunnel Cup and KO)! An already very particular situation, aaaaand the dream came true again: wonder-moments, perfect focus&harmony and Scilla fulfilled a clean run in the Individual Finals with an unbeatable time so reached the GOLD!!!!

Individual Winner Finals:

TunnelCup Finals:


 Miracles DO EXIST!!!!! We reached such high levels with the Izmir Team during a 1-week-long training that I would've never expected!!!! Everybody did their best, grew wings and started to flyyyyy!!!! I love the devotion of Turkish Agility people, being there in the early mornings and late nights, drawing, taking notes, doing coursewalkings when I wasn't there for their own body awareness and speaking nights over about motivation methods. Very-very proud of them, brilliant job!

Izmir Team 2012Aug


 EO 2012 was an extraordinary experience not only for having good runs but meeting friends, seeing professional organization from the Swedish Agility people (well, except for having to wait a lot for the finals on Saturday) - and Scilla even got a massage that she never did before ;o)

Scilla EO seesawRegarding our runs, all individuals were perfect and clean, now I got some hints about where to make our runs even faster.

And soooooo we did it again!!!!! I think I can say we LOVE running finals, the atmosphere is just amazing and Scilla ALWAYS gives her best there :o)))) She was already barking when approaching the ring but still had a concentrated startline and kept that all the way. THANK YOU Scilla, my wonder-princess-monster ;o)

Individual Jumping, 30th place:

Individual Agility, 14th place

Finals, 11th place

I'm sorry for the teams though. In Agility I downgraded my own running skills so I started to run as crazy to make sure I get there to the end of the dogwalk and had a wrong contact. During Jumping we had a terribly strong rain, Scilla slipped and hit one bar off. Others said she really tried to correct it but couldn't. Poor little girl! :o)

Team Agility

Team Jumping


The Finnish Adventure has been a great success! According to secret feedbacks, everybody liked the training and then Scilla resulted 2nd at the Finals of Agirotou (Kuopio) 

Scilla at the finals:

Scilla Agirotou

...and our InterParsonal Smurfs Team with SMURF ATTITUDE, PARSON POWER!

 Fanni&Kati Kollanen, Pirpir&Anne Lind, Frida&Teemu Kollanen, thank you very much for the emotions, singing together and running for each other with full spirit!!! 



  What a great present from our friend, Erika Gasparova - ScillaFan T-shirts available from DogWorldGraphics, feel free to contact me for further details! :o)

Scilla Fan T 

 Scilla qualified for both the EO and the FCI World Championships!!!! She is the only Small dog from Hungary that runs both Individual and Teams in Liberec! Meet you there! :o) 



Scilla Istanbul

Scilla and I visited Turkey for seminars in Istanbul and Izmir



Scilla became the 2011 Amadeus World Cup Champion

  Amadeus Champion Small


Quali Runs: