Seminars -


I love travelling! I started spending longer periods abroad when I was a child, spending months at summer camps in Poland, going to the US at the age of 11, and to Italy by train to Italy when I was 13. Yeah... I'm a real globetrotter - and I love connecting my passion for meeting cultures with my greatest passion: AGILITY.


My first seminars abroad were held in our neighbour-country: Slovakia but since winning the Amadeus World Cup, I was lucky to share my ways also in: Turkey, Finland, Germany, The Czech Republic and even had the chance to go overseas: to Brazil.

I have many more dream places to go to and I am always happy to meet old friends so free to ask about gaps in my calendar.


It is my honour to meet agility addicts! I am said to be the person who can motivate handlers well and set fun courses to run.  I only use positive motivation methods and my major aim is to find perfect harmony between dog and handler through technical courses

Enjoy your time with your dog, reach the most enthusiastic&precise runs and live the moment!


Some samples of Seminar Topics:

- handling

- coursewalking

- motivation methods

- mental training

- season planning

- dogs' physical training

- handling - away from the agility course

- speedy training


Looking forward to discussing what you exactly wish for!